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Cybercrime Software Piracy

Meaning Of Cybercrime
Commonly referred to as cybercrime or cyber crime is a term that refers to criminal activity with a computer or computer network to be a tool, target or place of crime. Included in cybercrimes include online auction fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud / carding, confidence fraud, identity fraud, child pornography, etc.. But the term is also used for traditional criminal activities in which computers or computer networks are used to facilitate or enable the crimes occurred.
Examples of cybercrime in which the computer as a tool is spamming and crimes against copyright and intellectual property. Examples of cybercrime in which the computer as the target is illegal access (access control trick), malware and DoS attacks. Examples of cybercrime in which the computer as where is identity fraud. While examples of traditional crimes with a computer as a tool is child pornography and online gambling.

Meaning Of Software Piracy
Software piracy is copyright theft. Software piracy is the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. This can be done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling, or installing multiple copies onto personal or work computers. What a lot of people don't realize or don't think about is that when you purchase software, you are actually purchasing a license to use it, not the actual software. That license is what tells you how many times you can install the software, so it's important to read it. If you make more copies of the software than the license permits, you are pirating.

Types Of Software Piracy
As for other forms of infringement of a software can be done in various ways:
  1. Loading to the hard disk This action is usually done if we buy a computer from computer stores, where the seller is trying to install the operating system along with other software as a bonus to the buyer's computer.
  2. Softlifting That is where a use of a software license used beyond the capacity of its use. For example, buy a software officially but then install it on any number of computers exceeds the number of licenses to install a given.
  3. Forgery Of producing and selling pirated software are usually in the form of a CD ROM, which is often found in bookstores or shopping centers, rental software, illegal downloading, by downloading software from the internet illegally.
  4. Rental Software Three known forms of software piracy in leasing:
    • Products are rented for use on a computer at home or at the office tenants;
    • Leased products through mail order;
    • Items contained in the computer were hired for a limited time.
  5. Illegal downloading via the Internet Occurs through unauthorized downloading software via modem to the electronic bulletin relationship is another form of piracy. Piracy is not the same and should not be confused with the use of the software provided in the public domain, shareware or shared facilities.
Characteristics of Pirated Software
Using pirated software is illegal or unlawful act and an act of sin. With the use of pirated software products the software developers do not get the benefit of software development efforts so that they can lose money and lost the desire to develop other software or sequel. By using pirated software products, people so addicted and accustomed to good software at a great price, but people do not want to pay a dime to use it. Before installing the program, investigate first whether it is legal or illegal software.
  • Here are the characteristics of pirated software;
  • Sold in vcd or dvd at low prices;
  • Shape and packaged similar to cd or dvd cd or dvd other;
  • Bundled in a collection of software that developers are not the same name;
  • There is a serial number or a program to crack open the software protection;
  • Can not be updated;
  • Experiencing error or hang on a certain number of transactions;
  • Sometimes contain harmful viruses or trojans;
  • Downloaded or not downloaded free from the official website, the official website where a certain set prices.
Causes of Software Piracy in Indonesia
  1. The expensive price of standard software for the people of Indonesia. It is indeed recognized and understandable because it is the welfare of the people of Indonesia are still many who are at levels below the standard. Price of software is still considered quite expensive for the Indonesian people. Moreover, the existing software is usually sold in the U.S. dollar which is very Rupiah depreciate as U.S. $ exchange rate continued its rise against the Dollar. The value of the Rupiah reasonable cause, when compared to Japan, Singapore, South Korea or Taiwan, whose currency is almost comparable to the U.S. Dollar is very small indeed found cases of software piracy in the country. The price of a software sometimes even more expensive than the price of a set of computer software. It is actually okay considering the software is the result of intellectual creators. But just how do people think of computers and software to get the lowest possible price without considering other things.
  2. Lack of awareness to respect the intellectual property of others, There is still a lack of public appreciation over the work of others is caused less conscious that a work like the software takes a long time and certainly extraordinary difficulties for him. Masyararkat education due to lack of appreciation which are still relatively low so do not understand how important an intellect and creativity in the work. Lack of awareness to buy original software like this is further compounded by the price is still relatively expensive software earlier. The public does not realize that the software they are using it have easy work that deserves to be rewarded with a way to buy the original software.
  3. It's easy to get pirated software, This is one thing the public support for the use of pirated software. At the moment the price is very expensive software. It turned out to get pirated software very, very easy. Simply by browsing on the internet so we could download pirated software. Many sites on the internet which provides free software and should be done by computer users simply download the software to get a chill. Both sites overseas as well as many local websites providing pirated software is free to carry the name of the file sharing site then the site can be found in various files and one of the pirated software. Pirated software is also mostly found in malls or markets that are packed in the form of vcd or dvd the most expensive appreciated sebesarnya Rp. 25,000 price is very much cheaper than the original software. Even the pirated software also can be found in the rental vcd / dvd which is currently quite a lot. In terms of relationships with friends were sometimes pirated software can be obtained. Just copy the software from a friend and install it on your computer. Ask for a copy of the software as a friend borrow a book from a friend. So many loopholes to get pirated software.
  4. Lack of law enforcement and strict punishment for users of pirated software, Until now Indonesia still do not have a standard rule in addressing problems in the field of Information Technology specifically about software piracy. Law enforcement officers who resolve legal issues in the field of IT also is the police who notabenenya considered less feasible for law enforcement in the field of IT as to be able to enforce the law in the field of police IT must understand the rules and ethics of the IT world in order to avoid false arrest.
  5. There is no clear rule of law in Indonesia IT field is one reason rampant software piracy. As with the United States for example, there is no law enforcement alone to solve legal problems in the field of IT. To this it must be recognized that Indonesia is still lagging. The pirated software users feel safe just use the illegal goods Because there is no officer who admonished him, moreover, there is no rule of law that is certain to deal with cases of software piracy in Indonesia.
Impact Of Software Piracy
From the economic front, data released by International Data Corporation (IDC) on Global Software Piracy Study 2008, the losses have turned out pretty shocking crime. The potential of the software industry revenue (software) Indonesia in 2008 reached 544 million lost dollars due to rampant piracy. That number jumped 31 percent over the previous year. The piracy rate rose only 1 percent to 85 percent, and put Indonesia on the 12th of 110 countries. According to the IDC study, 80 percent of piracy losses suffered by the local players in the software industry, the company's software, the software industry, and distribution.
Piracy is not only detrimental to local software companies, but also detrimental to the State. Software companies lose because original products that cost millions of dollars to compete with pirated products that cost only tens of thousands of dollars. The state also harmed, because the pirated software is definitely not pay taxes. About the losses suffered due to piracy, Microsoft Indonesia never get the data. Nevertheless it does not mean losses could be calculated and according to data from a study conducted by the BSA (Business Software Alliance) that the value of losses caused by software piracy (especially for the case in Indonesia) about 197 million U.S. dollars for all companies. Although Microsoft itself does not count directly, but still feel aggrieved. That is, there is opportunity is eliminated due to the actions of pirates. If we use the data BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), that 97 percent of software is pirated in Indonesian, means we are serving only three percent, and 97 percent more in the pockets of people (pirates). Of a further interview process it was found that one of the main factors of rampant software piracy that is because the perception is wrong (apart from the initial intention was plowing).
In essence, the public (which is purely not know) assume that if you buy the software it became hers. Though buying software that was purchased license rights for use. So, to be distinguished between buying a license to buy a product that can be directly interpreted as a private property right.

Government's Efforts to Minimize Software Piracy
Efforts by the Government are:
  1. Educate users on the benefits of software that can be achieved by using the original software;
  2. Persuade retailers that sell genuine software;
  3. The socialization importance of using genuine software, BSA and Autodesk, hold seminars to schools and colleges on-softwara existing software. also explained the disadvantages if using Sotware false;
  4. Through educating the consumers and sellers of software such as the Global Fair Play campaigns were held simultaneously in 46 countries, including Indonesia. Consumers need to get enough understanding to know the characteristics of the original software and only buy from authorized resellers. While awareness of the sellers need software to protect consumer rights by selling only legal software;
  5. Government needs to work harder to sensitize communities and businesses in order to respect the copyright or intellectual property rights (IPR).
Software Piracy Case
An example of the success of the West Java Provincial Police (Polda) which investigated PT. JP, a marble exporter and producer. Also, the West Jakarta District Police (Polres) which investigated PT. PML, a company that produces PVC pipe, and PT. CSA, a building materials supermarket, where both companies were using unlicensed Microsoft software. 

The Police uses Article 72(1) for multiplication; 
Any person who intentionally and without right to perform an action as in Article 2 paragraph (1) or Article 49 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) shall be punished with imprisonment each of at least 1 (one) month and / or a fine of not less Rp 1,000,000.00 (one million dollars), or imprisonment of 7 (seven) years and / or a maximum fine of Rp 5,000,000,000.00 (five billion dollars).  
Article 72 (2) for distributions; 
Any person who deliberately broadcast, display, distribute, or sell to the public a work or goods resulting infringement of copyright or related rights referred to in paragraph (1) shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 (five) years and / or a maximum fine of Rp 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupiah).
Article 72(3) for users;
Any person who intentionally and without right to reproduce for the benefit of the use of a commercial computer program shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 (five) years and / or a maximum fine of Rp 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupiah).
Though law No. 19 of 2002 does prescribe minimum sanctions, it would be worthwhile trying to increasing the fines for greater deterrence.


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